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Our Honey

Honey Is A Superfood

Not just our honey, but every honey is a superfood. Besides nectar (glucose und fructose) honey contains lots of valuable and active ingredients (enzyme, antioxidants und flovonoids), that bees are adding with their saliva. They have an antibacterial, disgestive and anti-inflamatory effect on the human body and as radical interceptors they protect human cell structure and protein molecules.

Besides, honey is full of vitamins (C, B1, B2-complex, B6, H (biotin), pantothenic acid and folic acid), minerals (magnesium, sodium, potassium und phosphorus), amino acids and contains about 120 natural frangrance- and flavoring-substances that  stimulate the human immune system. (Source: The Health Benefits of Honey and its Nutritutional Value, European Food Information Council, Jan 14, 2020)

Just for babies less than one year old honey is DANGEROUS and NOT GOOD for eating due to their immature intestinal flora.  


Easy Flow - Spring & Summer

We are harvesting our honey most gently and with greatest care for both man and beast. Thanks to the unique FLOW® Frames with its split-cell technology we can harvest our honey on-tap straight from the hive. No need to crack the hive open, scare off the bees and take out the honey frames. Throughout the honey harvest our bees remain undisturbed inside the hive with no risk of being killed.

Our bees' honey extracted from our Flow® Hives is 100% pure, unprocessed and absolutely unique in taste and texture. Nothing can beat the bee collected flavours from our Beeloved Tating Blossoms.

It's a taste experience!

On Sale

As Long As It Lasts

We leave in enough honey for our winterbees and only take as much as they can spare. In any case, we have plenty and more than we all can eat. So, we are happy to share and sell our honey to you as long as it lasts.

You are welcome to stop by at our BeeLoved Tating or at home in Hamburg to pick up your glass of delicious, family harvested honey. Please, call beforehand to make sure that we are not on the water or at school/work. If you cannot stop by, please send us an e-mail and we will most gladly send our honey to your hands.

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