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BeeLoved Tating

... is our family hive.


Who we are &
Why we are here

We are a family of six and Tating is our home.

We, Jan und Julia, bought this piece of land in Winter of 2007 when expecting our first child. We were looking for a place outside of the city and close to the great kite-beaches of St. Peter-Ording at the German North Shore (Nordsee) to spend as much time as possible on the water and with our family and friends when off work. Walking onto the property for the first time we were simply overwhelmed by the view over seemingly endless fields. And we are still until today.


By now we have grown the family to four kids and two dogs and the property to 3,000 square meters. 

Tating is beloved!

What we do

We do family beekeeping.

Wanting to connect our kids with nature and to teach them first hand about the beauty of our ecosystem and the interdependancy of humans with flora and fauna, we became family beekeepers and opened a Family Imkerei.


Pure, unprocessed and fresh bio honey harvested most gently by our family straight from the hive (gezapft).


It's easy and fun -  and even kids can do it!



... worth a 1,000 words:

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